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Christina Fletcher, Mindfulness Life Coach for Parents

Position:Mindfulness Life Coach for Parents
Christina Fletcher is a mindfulness and life coach for parents.  She majored in religious studies at the University of Manitoba and studied Energy Healing and Therapeutic Touch with the Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network. This then led to her mindfulness and life coaching certifications through the Strategic Life Coaching Program based out of Scotland, UK. Christina turned her attention to using mindfulness in parenting with the birth of her daughters, who were born 10 months between each other. Using the tools she had learnt and developed, she found centre in a chaotic time and was able to then pass mindfulness on to her children.  Since then, Christina has written 4 books on conscious parenting as well as produced 3 online courses on mindfulness and conscious living for parents and their children. Her online presence includes a successful Facebook community of over 1000 members worldwide, a prolific blog as well as numerous articles published internationally. Christina also offers 1:1 coaching to help parents in finding their authentic connection to deal with their parenting journey as well as help them pass on mindfulness and self-awareness to their children.
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