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Mindfulness Retreats

You deserve to rest and renew at a mindfulness retreat

Silent Retreats

Breathe Mindfulness Centre offers silent retreats to facilitate the deepening of your practice in mindfulness and/or self-compassion. Retreats also offer an opportunity to explore and practice mindfulness together, strengthening our sense of connection with ourselves and each other.

Benefits of Silent Retreats

While the specific impact can vary for each individual, here are just a few commonly reported benefits of taking part in our silent retreats include:

  1. Deepening Meditation Practice: Silent retreats provide an opportunity for extended periods of uninterrupted meditation practice. With fewer external distractions and the absence of verbal communication, individuals can deepen their concentration, mindfulness, and insight.
  2. Heightened Self-Awareness: Silence allows you to turn inward, developing a better sense of self-awareness. This increased self-awareness can bring clarity, understanding, and the potential for personal growth.
  3. Rest and Relaxation: Silent retreats provide a safe haven for you to rest, recharge, and disconnect from the demands of everyday life – including the constant notifications popping up on your phone. The absence of social interactions and external pressures allows participants to experience deep relaxation, reducing stress levels and promoting overall wellbeing.
  4. Mental and Emotional Balance: Silence and the practice of mindfulness can help cultivate a greater sense of mental and emotional balance. By observing our thoughts and emotions without judgment, we can develop a more spacious and accepting attitude towards our inner experiences.
  5. Enhanced Clarity and Insight: The extended period of introspection during a silent retreat can bring about moments of clarity, insight, and personal revelation.
  6. Community and Support: Silent retreats often bring together like-minded individuals who share a commitment to personal growth and spiritual exploration. While communication is limited to non-verbal interactions, the sense of community and shared practice can provide a very supportive and nurturing environment.

Is it right for me?

Silent retreats are open to everyone.  It is a great way to explore mindfulness and silent retreats if you are new to meditation and curious to discover what it’s all about. It is also a great way to deepen your practice and get back into the habit of mindfulness. For multi-day silent retreats, previous experience with mindfulness, mindful self-compassion, meditation, or alternative contemplative retreats, is required. Please be aware that during our silent retreats, as the name suggests, there will be extended periods of silence and practices will be longer in duration to facilitate immersion in the meditative experience. This may bring up challenging emotions or past experiences so it is important to be mindful of your own wellbeing throughout the process.

Silent retreats offer a unique opportunity to unplug, go inward, and cultivate greater self-awareness, peace, and/or insight.


Enrollment is limited as our groups are small (20 participants or less). Pre-registration is required.

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