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Wellness Workshops

Enhance your wellness with one of our mindfulness-based Wellness Workshops

A variety of in-person and virtual mindfulness and self-compassion-based workshops are available to the public, health practitioners, and workplaces. Introductory workshops offer participants a wonderful way to explore the foundations of mindfulness or self-compassion to determine if they would like to go further with their practice and knowledge in the therapeutic groups. Other workshops are also offered – focusing on specific themes to enhance wellbeing or to deepen one’s understanding and experience of mindfulness. An increasing amount of research supports the benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion on mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing; regular practice has also been shown to even change the brain!

Meditation experience is not required – all are welcome!


Mindfulness is a gentle and effective way to cultivate awareness of thoughts, emotions and sensations. Mindfulness helps us stay connected to the present moment and break free of automatic, habitual reactions that are often unhelpful for our wellbeing. A great way to understand what mindfulness is and what it has to offer is to experience it. This workshop will offer an overview of the core principles of mindfulness and its benefits, along with a variety of short mindfulness practices. Resources and information on how to develop and maintain a regular practice will be provided.


This workshop will offer an overview of mindful self-compassion, a powerful skill that enables us to deal with self-criticism and negative self-talk and move toward greater happiness, resilience, and overall mental wellbeing. Self-compassion helps us develop a more caring relationship with ourselves, especially when we struggle, fail, or make a mistake.  It allows us to be more resilient, set boundaries and communicate effectively as well as cope with negative feedback from others. Research shows that practicing self-compassion reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and perfectionism. It has also been shown to increase mental flexibility, maintain healthy habits, and lead to more compassionate, satisfying relationships. In the workplace, self-compassion training has been linked positively to the outcomes of work engagement, security, work safety, trust, job satisfaction, creativity, emotional intelligence, and decreased burnout.


This workshop is an adaptation of the more general Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion workshop (detailed above) and is focused on those who are in professional and personal roles where there is an emphasis on the care and support of others and who may be experiencing burnout or empathy fatigue.  Specific practices and guidance will be offered to care for and hold space for another while at the same time caring for our own wellbeing.

Decreasing Stress and Enhancing Joy: A Holistic Approach to Wellness – 2-Hour Workshop

Stress is an inevitable part of life that is experienced by everyone.  When stress is severe and/or chronic, it can negatively impact our wellbeing. In this workshop, we will explore what stress is, its impact on our wellbeing and be offered guidance and practical tools to reduce stress, increase resilience and enhance joy. The four dimensions of wellness, body, mind, emotions, and spirit will be reviewed in depth with mindful practices being offered throughout the session. Resources will be provided to access after the workshop is over to continue to support participant wellness.

CULTIVATING JOY – 2-Hour Workshop

In this workshop, participants will be provided with information and practices scientifically proven to enhance happiness. Topics covered include savouring, gratitude, self-appreciation, living in accordance with one’s values, and loving-kindness.

Let’s Sleep! Improve Your Health, Mood, and Mind with Better Sleep

Getting enough good quality sleep is essential for overall wellbeing. Sleep affects both our mental and physical health. It is the foundation on which we have the energy to engage in other healthy thoughts and behaviours and show up fully in our lives. Good sleep promotes productivity, efficiency, mental clarity, and overall contentment. Getting too little makes us vulnerable to experiencing more stress, illness, and poor mental health. In this workshop, you will be provided with a review of the importance of sleep, as well as information and practical guidance on improving the amount and quality of your sleep. You’ll be given resources after the workshop to continue assisting you in improving this important area of wellness.

Working with Difficult Emotions

Difficult and challenging emotions are a part of being human. So many of us wish to be free of these painful emotions and spend many resources trying to get rid of or avoid feeling them, which is also very human. In this 2-hour workshop, participants will be invited to explore a different, more skillful approach to working with difficult emotions by applying attitudes and skills of mindfulness and self-compassion. Ways to enhance happiness will also be reviewed to create a further resource in the face of difficulty.  Please note, this workshop is intended as an introduction to how mindfulness and self-compassion can be useful in the face of challenging emotions and is not intended to replace professional mental health support.

Working with Difficult People

In this workshop, an approach that draws from the Yield Theory and mindful self-compassion will be offered to help navigate this common experience. This workshop will review factors contributing to hard emotions such as anger and resentment, how we get triggered and how we can help manage our own and others’ difficult emotions and behaviours. Practices that assist with emotional regulation and resources that can be accessed after the workshop is offered.

Living a Value-Driven Life

In this workshop, participants will be provided contemplative practices and exercises to facilitate deep reflection and discovery of their important values and core-desired feelings.  Mindfulness will be highlighted as a skill to break free of automatic, habitual reactions, allowing for the opportunity to respond in ways that are more focused on what truly matters. How to work skillfully and overcome obstacles to living in alignment with what is discovered will also be included.

This is a chance for you to discover how mindfulness can help you to self-manage stress and anxiety in a non-judgmental, supportive environment. Other possible benefits of mindfulness include improved sleep, increased health and wellbeing and living a more intentional life.


Enrollment is limited as our groups are small (less than 20 people). Pre-registration is required.

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